Google Created A New Kind Of Audio Recorder And It's Going To Make Your Life Much Easier

With the new app of Google, you can record anything, anywhere you want and find the important parts easily afterwards.
Nursah Ergü

Life is a messy process. You deal with loads of work, loads of stress. You attend meetings, lectures, concerts, preaches, parents' meetings. And most of the time you have to memorize all the important things you hear. But how?

You take notes, trust your mind, record everything... But taking notes can become complicated, you may get lost between trying to write down everything and listen to the actual conversation. And trusting your mind isn't the best option, we all know that. What about recording everything?

Well, yeah this can be one of the best options. But let's say, you're at a 6 hours meeting, or the lecture lasts for 3 hours, or maybe you're at a 4 hours concert, but you only want to listen to the important parts. So what do you do?  

Google just created an audio-recording app on Pixel 4 that brings the power of search and AI. With this app, you can save anything to listen to later. But it has a difference from regular recording. It automatically transcribes every speech and sounds like music, applause and more, so you can find anything you want quickly just by typing it down. 

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It started only with English, but in the near future, it's expected to be in other languages too. What do you think? Do you think this would be a life-changing application?  

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