GoPro Camera Captures What Exactly a Log Sees as it Passes Through the Sawmill Line

A sawmill in New Zealand put a GoPro on a log to see what it sees as it moves through the logline.
Jessica Miley

Red Stag Timber Company in New Zealand attached GoPro to a log to experience its logline from the point of view of the log. This video shows a really unusual insight into an essential part of the timber production process. 

Sawmilling is an important part of New Zealand's economy. Trees are harvested and then the raw logs are processed at places like the Red Stag Company for a range of applications. 

At the Red Stag company, the team manufactures Radiata Pine Lumber (RPL) products for outdoor landscaping uses, such as decks, fences, retaining walls or pergolas. They are visually or machine stress graded and produced for above ground and ground contact use. 

Its products are sold in Tin New Zealand and exported to Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. The video shows the view of a log making its way through the mill's logline. 

A logline is a long conveyor belt with various equipment attached. As the log moves through the line it undergoes varying processes including debarking, splitting and sorting. 

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The Red Stag Timber Company has been in operation since 2003 when it was formed to operate the Waipa Mill that was originally founded by the government in 1939 and subsequently privatized in 1996. 

The mill currently employs 300 people. It is committed to improving environmental practices and continually upgrading and adding to its timber products range.

Via: Paul Laing

GoPro Camera Captures What Exactly a Log Sees as it Passes Through the Sawmill Line

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