GoPro Mounted Inside Toyota Supra's Intake Manifold, Watch It Work

Here is a perspective on how air and fuel enter a cylinder for auto enthusiasts.

Watching engines in motion never gets old: In this video, Warped Perception YouTube channel took his Toyota Supra Turbo for a drive; however, it had a GoPro camera mounted inside of his intake manifold. He also does a few Wide Open Throttle runs under boost too. As you'd imagine, the resulting footage is proof of how wild it can get in your engine.

After wondering what was going on inside the intake manifold while driving around on a turbocharged car, he decided to conduct this little experiment. Needless to say, after having done it, he wrote in the description box, "I will be rigging and mounting cameras in all sorts of unusual places to give us a unique perspective and understanding of how things work..." It must have been an addicting experience!

According to him, the sound of the engine running from inside the manifold was "surreal". This one is a "Supra" interesting watch, so you might want to grab your headphones and tune in.

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