Watch This Gravity-Powered Lego Roller Coaster in Action

Jessica Miley

Cancel all other summer plans and get your Lego to the beach! The team from 5 MadMovieMakers have the ultimate summer motivation for you. Their awesome video of a Lego roller coaster sees the classic Lego character strapped into a train carriage and taking the ride of his life through a sandy beach terrain.

These guys are professionals at making you feel like you wasted your Saturday. The track and footage are perfect and the camera angles are Oscar worthy! The Lego roller coaster track takes some gut dropping falls, as well as navigating under bridges and over hills. Check the view from the rider's perspective as he lurches around the track.  

So dust off your Lego and your GoPro and get to work. If you need any more encouragement or inspiration, these guys aren’t only experts at Lego. Their channel is full of fun using Hot Wheels, K'NEX and Quercetti Skyrail as well as a bunch of other fun toys. They certainly have a thing for cars on tracks but they make some very watchable stop motion stuff too. Don't be fooled by all the toy references. If the action of roller coasters and car chases isn’t your thing, they also have the romance genre covered with this very cute short film. Without giving too much away, a very determined but goofball Lego guy tries to win the heart of his neighbor. But as the cheesy pop song soundtrack tells us ‘life doesn't always walk in a straight line!’