Guy Builds a Machine to Process Firewood in the 'Laziest' Way Possible

He decided a log splitter and belt conveyor from scratch that process firewood for him instead.
Derya Ozdemir

YouTube channel Donn DIY has made the perfect video for lazy people out there who might also be bothered by the fact that processing firewood by hand is hard and takes a lot of time. After getting fed up with the process, he did what any DIY-person would do and decided to build a machine to process firewood for him instead.

After complaining about how time-consuming cutting, splitting, stacking, and re-stacking is, he goes on a journey that he documented expertly where he and his family built a log splitter and belt conveyor from scratch. Talk about saving time and energy!

It is the laziest way indeed; however, as he nicely puts it in the description box, "before you get to be lazy, you have to build stuff." We can definitely say that he is not a lazy person, so maybe we could call this the perfect DIY project for efficient people.

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In the end, he states that his family got rid of 4 out of twelve steps in handling firewood, which is definitely a win in our book. Check out the video to see how they did it!

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