Guy Builds a Robot Barber to Get His Hair Cut With Scissors

This robotic barber is out for those lockdown locks with the usual small talk.
Derya Ozdemir

You've probably added the lockdown locks to your lockdown blues as we've left more and more months behind us. YouTube channel Stuff Made Here's Shane Wighton, whom you might know from developing this robotic golf club that never misses, has made a robot that can cut hair as many barbershops and salons remain closed amid the pandemic.

His invention uses scissors, sensors, probes, and cameras to give him the most futuristic haircut ever completed with a "robotically perfect mullet."

As a very scared Wighton gets the haircut of his life from the barber robot which is realistically trying to make small talk, — "Hi, how was your weekend?" "Bad, my dog died." "Oh, cool!" — he walks you through the complications he faced while building the robot.

If you're also in need of a haircut, but also scared of going to a hairstylist, you might want to tune in for this 14-minute video that explains the process and shows the timelapse of the entire cut. Since the scissors couldn't handle the wigs, he was basically the customer zero, which is a bit scary; however, spoilers, no one, thankfully, lost an ear.

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