Guy Builds K’Nex Pinball Machine With Automatic Scoring in 400 Hours

This is quite possibly the most intricate piece of engineering you'll see all week.
Derya Ozdemir

The name K'Nex is bound to bring up memories of cranes, amusement parks, little cars, and numerous inventions that never left the toy room, for sure. However, you've probably never seen those interlocking plastic rods, connectors, blocks, gears, wheels, and other components being used to create something this complex and amazing. 

A fully functional, full-sized K'Nex pinball machine that uses 3 motors and has automatic scorekeeping made by YouTube channel Tyler Bower has been making rounds on Reddit, and it is quite possibly the most intricate piece of engineering you'll see all week. The entire project was designed by Tyler himself, "with the exception of a few elements," he writes in the YouTube description box.

You must be wondering how much time it would take to build such a thing, and if you say hundreds, you wouldn't be so far off. After being asked in the Reddit comments, Tyler responded by saying he lost track of it after some point. He said that building turned into troubleshooting which turned into playing for a few hours and then changing one little thing. "But I’d say about 400 hours," he said. As a result, the project looks nothing short of amazing. Enjoy! 


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