Guy Builds Machine That Shoots Chocolate into His Mouth on Command

The machine aims and shoots M&M candies at his face at 23 mph (37 kmh).
Derya Ozdemir

Everyone has dreamed of a device that sends sweets your way with the sheer act of will, and some dreamers are handier than others. Harrison McIntyre has built a machine that automatically launches M&M candies into his mouth whenever and wherever he asks Alexa for chocolate.

It turns out that you can trick Amazon Echo into controlling just about anything, and Harrison took advantage of that little hack. The machine has a 3D-printed launching mechanism that works almost like a tennis ball machine which is kind of funny to think about.

Probably the best part of this project is that the machine doesn't just shoot the chocolate and hope for the best. What it does is that it looks for his face and calculates the direction, velocity, and angle it should launch candy for it to reach the hungry person's mouth.