Guy Builds Wolverine Bone Claws and Tries to Break a Concrete Wall

DIY Wolverine claws vs. good-old concrete: Who do you think won?

This video starts by James Hobson narrating, "I got my hands wrapped up. Either I'm gonna break this wall or this wall gonna break my hand," over instrumental music, so you know things are about to get really intense.

He apparently first built Wolverine claws during his engineering degree back in 2009, and now, he revamped it by going old school and making bone claws. They look pretty cool; however, the real question is do they survive the real Wolverine treatment, and that he answers quite impactful.

From designing the claws to printing them out and putting them on, this video takes you through the process of becoming a superhero, or at least, looking like one. Of course, the YouTuber doesn't use real bones, and instead, makes them out of metal, and powder coats them with bone-like texture to make them look like bone claws.

We don't want to give away the ending, but let's just say that he ends up with dirty claws after an honest day's work. Also, it helps that he sort of looks like Hugh Jackman, so enjoy your little cameo.  

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