Guy Builds World's Most Dangerous Beyblade With Saw Blade

You wouldn't want to be caught bare ankled in a room with this Beyblade.
Derya Ozdemir

If you don't know what a Beyblade is, you are definitely missing out. First released in Japan in July 1999, the life of spinning top toys were one of the world's most popular children's toy with over 100 million sold. Beyblade is based on customizable, interchangeable parts, and the spinning top design was created to have a humming noise.

The toy was so popular among pre and early-teens that it had a cult following, and this was all thanks to its coordinated release along with a manga, a TV series, and a video game. 

In this video, YouTube channel I did a thing makes the world's largest and possibly, the most dangerous Beyblade with a saw blade and a 3D printer. The end product is scary at best. At top speed, it saws through anything it crosses by — it is amazing how they can walk around it with their ankles in plain sight. The whole thing feels like an accident waiting to happen.