Guy Crawls Down a Torpedo Tube in US Navy Nuclear Submarine

Get ready to see a U.S. Navy submarine like you never have before!

If you haven't been living under a rock, you must have heard of YouTube's SmarterEveryDay channel where Devin explores the world using science. In this video, he does a deep dive aboard USS Toledo in the Arctic and takes a dive into where most have never gone. 

While this adventure is admittedly a claustrophobe's nightmare, it provides invaluable insight into a U.S. Navy submarine

In the YouTube description, Devin wrote that he didn't know he would be given the opportunity to venture down the torpedo tube when he first boarded the USS Toledo. When offered the chance to climb down, he used this opportunity to figure out how they work and learn how a torpedo leaves a submarine, which was something he didn't know before.

He not only explains the seemingly simple yet actually quite complicated system with ease and the footage of him crawling down the torpedo tube in a nuclear submarine is just incredible to watch. 

Moreover, his level of genuine interest in each detail makes the video just incredible. Just tune in, the 20-minute footage will go by like seconds.

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