Guy Makes a Knife Out of Steak and Tries to Cut Steak with It

This is perfect for those times when the waiter keeps you waiting.

This is a vegetarian's nightmare: In this video, The King of Random makes a pretty vile looking knife out of steak using a freeze dryer and resin. The idea is absurd, and the execution is even more so; however, it might make for a good watch if you're a meat-lover.

While hopefully no one will try and make one for themselves, he gives out detailed instructions on how to make one. The end product looks close to what you'd imagine one to look like: almost like beef jerky. It might make you want to take a bite out of your knife while you're waiting for the waitress to arrive. 

Revealing that he has a love for making knives, The King of Random explains that he wanted to take things to an absurd extreme and he does so alright. Admittedly, the steak knife doesn't look so good but it does a decent job. Tune in!

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