Guy Paints Room With World’s Blackest Paint and Turns the Light On

He compares the experience to what being in space must be like.
Derya Ozdemir

As the battle to make the blackest, the most matte paint in the known universe continues, YouTubers are doing the best they do and making the suggestions of "paint your car with Vantablack" and "shine a high-powered laser on the blackest black" come to life. 

Even through the screen, the results are beyond striking since the materials painted with such paints look like black holes in reality itself. The renowned YouTube channel The Action Lab has done numerous videos using black paints, and he says in the video that each time he used one, somebody else invented an even blacker paint that absorbs more light. After getting many comments where people said he should paint an entire room with the world's blackest paint, he decided to do just that. 

In this video, he paints an entire room he built just for this purpose with Musou Black. Then he turns on the light to examine how it looks like when the walls around him absorb over 99% of the light in the room.

The results, especially the way the light changes when he moves in the room and how it looks like when the room's door is open, are quite striking. He likens the experience to what being in space where you can only be illuminated directly from the light source must be like. If you like illusions, you'll definitely enjoy this one.

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