Guy Plays Games in the Old Way on His Retro 1960s Computer

He goes from "cold boot to playing Lunar Lander" on his retro computer.
Derya Ozdemir

This YouTube user goes from "cold boot to playing Lunar Lander" on his recently restored SEL 810A computer, and we seriously can't decide what's more amazing: the computer or the fact that it was still in use in 2006. 

The SEL 810A computer was first released in 1967 and used by the CIA, research facilities, and large corporations. His SEL 810A ran a natural gas pipeline station from 1969 to 2006, which makes 37 years in the working. If you are curious about the computer itself, you can watch this video too to see the first time it has been booted since 2006. Pretty cool stuff.

He, somecomputerguy, ends up playing the game at 64x speed, which took 17 minutes originally. Seeing "THIS IS THE LUNAR APPROACH CONTROL COMPUTER" written is actually a thrilling experience. Such an interesting video that shows the gems of the microprocessor era! Now, we are actually curious about how this thing was actually restored...

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