This Guy Really Loves Striping Parking Lots

Shelby Rogers

Parking lots -- those often crowded necessary evils during busy shopping days. You pull into a parking lot and immediately scan for an open space. You slowly creep down each row, hoping to find a set of empty, yellow parallel lines waiting for your vehicle. A few spots down, you spot it! The perfect empty spot with just enough room for your car is a relief.

Could you imagine how incredibly difficult that task would've been without the yellow parking spot delineations? Chances are pretty high that it would've been chaos. Sure, some people would do a respectable park job. However, other drivers really, really need those lines to prevent their vehicle from taking up an awkward spot. (Don't get us started on the drivers who take up multiple spaces and ignore the bright yellow parking lines.)

Ever wonder how those lines make it onto the ground with such precision? Meet Robert, a professional line striper who really loves his job. By looking at the really clever machine he uses to strip, we can see why he enjoys it. The Graco Linelazer 3900 looks to be a scooter body with a push-mower-type striping attachment on the front. Robert owns a pavement striping company in Texas.

"I've been striping for 10 years and love what I do and [I'm] pretty good at it," Robert said.

Robert, from those drivers who like neat and orderly parking spaces, we salute you.

Via redgatorkennels