Guy Recreates Flags of Over 50 Different Countries on Rubik's Cubes

They look like the Minecraft versions of country flags.
Derya Ozdemir

Rubik's Cubes are toys that everyone has played with during their lifetimes, and while some hate it, some people love them so much that they go to extreme lengths to extend their fun. There've been some odd and interesting takes on them, such as this Rubik's Cube that solves itself while floating, and this computer that solved a 32,768x32,768 Rubik's Cube in 2,706 hours 

In this video, the YouTube channel CUBASTIC went out of his way to do as many country flags on Rubik's cubes as possible, and possibly, spent a long time to accomplish that. He used his favorite hobby, as you'd guess from the channel name, speedcubing, to "unite the whole world."

He explains the thought process behind the video in the description box by writing, "I have a dream. I want my favorite hobby - speedcubing - to unite the whole world. Let this video be the beginning of it."

We can safely say that there'll be more videos to come in the future. On top of all that flags, it's actually the speed and efficiency that makes this video so impressive. Tune in!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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