Guy Rigged Wife’s Car to Play Toto’s ‘Africa’ If She Leaves Keys Inside

Now that is one way to handle someone's forgetfulness.
Derya Ozdemir

If you're a fan of the 1980s, this one is for you. Tech-savvy YouTuber Robatron found a clever way to prevent his wife from locking her car with her keys in the ignition.

Inspired by the Volvo 240's similar feature, what he basically did was to reprogram the car's circuitry to play the majestic banger "Africa" by Toto if she forgets her keys in the ignition. Moreover, it can play a selection of some of her other favorite songs too. 

So, if your car beeps a lot, it can be such a nice change to hear your favorite songs instead of that annoying beeping sound. Also, we wonder if it is possible to change the seat belt chime for the passenger seat to angry people shouting or something. Someone should definitely try that.

Also, the video features a much-appreciated cameo from the couple's dog, which can be seen sitting happily on the shotgun throughout the video. Such a good dog, we are sending our gratitude to Robatron for petting it.

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