Guy Shoots an Arrow to See How Many Hard Hats It Takes to Stop It

Let's just say that these are really hard hats.
Derya Ozdemir

Hard hats are designed to be hard, but truly, how hard are they? Every civil engineer has probably worn one in their time, and they are designed for safety and protection. But we don't think anyone has ever tried how well they hold up against the force of a bow and arrow. Well, YouTuber Edwin Sarkissian was one of the few who was curious about this apparently.

In this video, he lines up a bunch of hard hats and tries to see how many hard hats it takes to stop an arrow. He keeps it "simple" by bringing a compound bow, which he says is a PSE EVOC 31 and puts out about 330 feet per second.

In two rounds with two arrows, he finds out just how many "shish kebabs" you can make with one arrow and some helmets.

This short video will give you the answer and leave you longing for shish kebab. Check it out!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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