Guy Takes LEGO Mario Apart to See What's Inside

Poor Mario goes through autopsy in this tech breakdown, and it isn't pretty.

Beware! This video might be upsetting for some hardcore LEGO Mario fans, but it was done in the name of science and curiosity.

Beyond the Brick's Boone Langston takes apart the new Super Mario LEGO unit with a software problem and takes a peek inside in this 18-minute long video.

If you're a big fan, watching this tech breakdown might make you feel like you're watching an autopsy video; however, this digital dissection is actually pretty informing. This will be a bit of a spoiler but Langston actually reassembles Super Mario with screws and glue at the end, so it is all fair game.

We're guessing that a screenshot of the Mario's LED screen being turned on after it was dissembled will end up in the cursed side of the internet. However, overall it is just so mind-numbingly interesting and cool to see all the connections that keep LEGO Mario together as an electronic toy that millions of kids enjoy.

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