Guy Tests Out Crossbow on SWAT Shield in Surprising Experiment

The SWAT shield can stop bullets, but how about an arrow?

Edwin Sarkissian YouTube channel is a man of many talents, especially on the subject of weapons, and from testing out how many hard hats it takes to stop an arrow to blowing up a grenade inside a safe to see what would happen, he has his share of pretty fun and interesting videos.

In this video, he tests out a crossbow on a SWAT shield and he gets some pretty surprising results. I guess we can say that you should never underestimate the might of a good crossbow.

The video offers some good bow and arrow action and some trivia into SWAT shields, so if you're curious about the results of the demonstration, you should definitely tune in.

Also, the video includes the world's cutest puppy, which Edwin Sarkissian says he included after figuring out if he put a puppy in the video, he'd get more likes, and we can guarantee that must have been why most of the people liked the video for sure.

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