Guy Transforms a Large Rusty Nail Into a Medieval Sword

"I found a large rusty nail in my back yard. So naturally, I turned it into a beautiful little sword."
Derya Ozdemir

Not a day goes without us not being confronted with another example of brilliant people performing great acts. In this video,  Bobby Duke Arts, which is a widely-loved art YouTube channel, demonstrates how he found a large rusty nail in his backyard and went to town on it until he got a beautiful medieval sword.

Watching this incredibly talented man do extremely impressive craftsmanship is great; however, the best part is the way this video was shot. It helps that Bobby seems like a pretty interesting and cool guy with a great sense of humor. The editing and timing are just legendary: they make you question whether you are watching a trailer for the new Terminator movie or just a DIY video.

Apparently, in order to do this sword, all you need is a rusty nail, a tiny bit of weed, and a buttload of time. Who knew! This video enables you to get that dose of wit, craze, and talent that you might be craving these days. Make sure to tune in; however, the question that really needs to be asked is whether it is duel-able. We are waiting for another video to see it in action. 

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