This Guy Just Turned Amazon's Alexa Into A Creepy Talking Skull

Shelby Rogers

Remember when a guy rigged a Big Mouth Billy Bass to deliver the weather via Amazon's Alexa? Someone else just one-upped the talking fish with an animatronic skull. Meet Yorick, the brainchild (or skull-child) of Mike McGurrin. McGurrin said he used a Raspberry Pi, a three-axis skull kit and a few other parts. Interested in building your own version of Yorick? You can find the full details on Hackster here. The estimated time of completion is about 10 hours once you get all parts together. The project falls under the "intermediate" skill level.

The jaw hinge squeaks slightly, and McGurrin chalks that up to the hobby servos used. McGurrin said comparative servos are often just as noisy. However, he noted he could slow down the servos and thus reduce some of the squeaking.