Guy Unboxes Spot the $74,500 Robot Dog and Takes It for a Walk

Unsurprisingly, "real" dogs were a little bit afraid of it.
Derya Ozdemir

The inevitable has happened: the unboxing video of the robot dog created by Boston Dynamics has hit the internet. You've most probably already seen this unconventional and expensive companion, but watching it be unboxed by Unbox Therapy YouTube channel will be interesting nevertheless since it is under a completely new context.

Seeing the "real" dogs having a fit and barking around while Spot mercilessly marches around is a sight that really makes you think. It borders on a little bit creepy, but we won't get into that.

Spot overcomes obstacles with ease and "plays" with children in parks. Let's just say that seeing it outside of its generally recommended use in construction sites and dangerous areas is a peculiar thing. 

The video is perfect in the sense that it is this compilation of dramatic and funny moments.

Watching Spot take a fall while instrumental music plays in the background makes us think about the possible uses of it in the future when or if it gets more common. We'd say "Do it for the Vine!" but since that is out of the question, think about the TikTok videos, memes, and artwork to be created by people... Moreover, will it ever get a movie cameo? We can't wait!

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