Guys Build and Fly an 'Impossible' Plane with Circle Wings

They basically take out the entire wings and replace them with two circles.

Flite Test YouTube channel is out to "educate, entertain, and elevate" those interested in flight, and boy, do they have an interesting video in the line for you.

Inspired by the "circle" planes of the 1930s and 1950s, they decide to build one; but why go with a single one when you could go for double? It looks like a giant pair of glasses floating around in the sky and it is impressive how nicely it can maneuver. 

From the design board to the skies, the product not only looks awesome, but it also provides new perspectives on building all types of airplanes. Now that they've made the twin circle plane, why not put the props inside the circles? 

This video and other videos of this channel will make you want to have another go at your wacky designs that you've left unfinished. If you're an aviation fan, you should definitely tune in for this one too since air footage with a bizarre bi-plane never gets old.

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