Hackers Can Take Control of Your Car Without You Even Knowing

Modern cars are full of software that has the possibility to be hacked and re-written. Hackers could potentially take control of your car's brakes and acceleration with no warning.

Modern cars are full of networked software that may make them susceptible to attack. You might think your car's software is just related to Bluetooth connectivity and GPS but software actually controls many other functions of your car too. Acceleration, for instance, is controlled by the cruise control. Steering is under software control so you can have automatic parallel parking functionality. And even braking is software controlled due to anti-lock technology. 

Companies like Tesla pride themselves on being able to improve your car after purchase by continual software updates. But software-laden cars are proving to be troublesome in other areas. While safety and continual improvements via software updates are really good and make our cars safer on the road, they also come at a price. Modern cars are easier to steal and unsecured software may provide an opportunity for hackers to tamper with your car's functionality.

White Hat hackers have proven that computer software inside computers can be hacked and rewritten. Cybersecurity expert Kathleen Fisher explains how modern cars and the Internet of Things are making us vulnerable in this hard-to-stop watching video.

 Hackers Can Take Control of Your Car Without You Even Knowing

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