Handyman Makes Wooden Rocket Stove Using Simple Tools

One downside is that, however, the rocket stove is going to destroy itself after burning for one hour.

If videos where the cook builds the set before cooking the food is to your liking, don't look any further. YouTube channel Corporals Corner will show how you can make an improvised rocket stove using a scotch-eyed auger in this video.

At the start of the video, Corporals Corner explains that after creating the Scotch ID adaptor, he wanted to take it out to the field and give it a test by making an improvised rocket stove. He finds the perfect stump, which is dead and extremely dry,  and drills two holes, one horizontal and one vertical. He explains that, theoretically, the air should be drawn in through one hole, and the heat should rise and come up the top. 

One downside is that, however, in the course of one hour, the stump stove is going to destroy itself, as you can see from the side hole getting larger throughout the video.


Right after the stump comes to life, Corporals Corner makes a beef ravioli in meat sauce which he gives the quite simple recipe for. If you're hungry, don't watch it because it will only make you hungrier. All in all, the video is a pretty successful field test with the rain sound providing the perfect backdrop. 

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