Have You Ever Wondered What Earth Is Made Of?

This video shows the constituents of Earth and their scales.

Ever wondered what our Earth is made of? We all know that we have a bunch of water to swim, soil to live, walk, run, oxygen to breathe and basically, to stay alive, some trees to well, basically produce the oxygen we need, and some other stuff.

Stuff? Really? Isn't it too insulting to talk like that about our mother nature, our very dear Earth, our home? Obviously it is.

Maybe you weren't a big fan of the geography classes you had in high school and you spent the whole class sleeping or dreaming of playing Call of Duty.

It doesn't matter because here's a video to show you the constituents of crust and water on Earth. 

It includes water, silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, calcium oxide, iron oxide, magnesium oxide, and some other constituents. So, the Earth isn't only formed by water, oxygen, soil, the birds and the bees.


If you wonder the scale of these constituents, watch the video.

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