Helicopter Door Gunner Shoots Drone Out of Sky With His Machine Gun

Watch this U.S. Airforce training video as a gunman shoots a small drone out of the sky from a helicopter.
Jessica Miley

Defending against drones is becoming more and more of a priority for the armed forces all across the globe. The rise of cheap and easy to fly hobby drones has created a new threat of terror and attack via weaponized hobby drones. Securing airspace from small surveillance drones is also critical, particularly in areas close to defense bases. Defending against drones requires the implementation of many lines of defense from accurate surveillance to efficient destruction. Watch this video to see one method of destroying a small drone, shooting it out of the air with a machine gun. In this U.S. Air Force training video, you can see a gunner shooting out the door of a helicopter blasting a small white drone out of the sky. The exercise requires some pretty impressive skill sets from both pilot and gun person. 

Watch the video to the end to see the drone spiral into the sea after it has been hit. Other anti-drone methods that the U.S. armed forces have up their sleeve include using lasers to shoot the drones out of the sky. If you are a hobby drone pilot it's super important you understand the local rules and regulations for flying drones before you head out. There are defense protected airspaces all over the country and flying too close to something like this may result in your latest toy being the target of a talented sniper.

Via: WarLeaks - Daily Military Defense Videos & Combat Footage