Here are the three startups that may just make nuclear fusion a reality

How far away are we from such energy systems becoming viable?
Loukia Papadopoulos

Are you ready for nuclear fusion? Many have been for years, but it seems the technology is always one step away from becoming reality; at least that’s how Matt Ferrell from YouTube channel Undecided describes it.

“Fusion energy is considered by many as the holy grail for supplying all of our clean electricity needs. However, the old joke is that nuclear fusion is always 30 years away, no matter what advances or promises are made. But now there are several privately funded startups that are accelerating nuclear fusion development with the ultimate goal of commercializing electricity production much sooner than you might think possible,” he says in his video’s description.

“There’s a lot of interesting developments and news around these companies to sift through. What makes each of these companies’ fusion promises unique compared to what’s come before? And will they finally break that 30-year curse?”

Ferrell goes on to focus on three startups in particular that seem to be doing groundbreaking work in the field. What makes these companies so special? Is their technology advanced enough to create a fusion revolution? By when can we expect the energy process to become viable? The video answers all these questions and more.

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