Here Is How Scientists Captured Our Sun in the Highest Resolution Ever

We will give you a hint: it's through an aurora.

When you think of highlights of the night sky, you probably don't think of the sun, but it's clear that this huge star creates the beautiful auroras we so often see at night.

The light shows get much attention because of their dazzling beauty, but they re also useful for studying our planet and solar system.

Back in 2015, a group of scientists saw a new kind of aurora that had never been documented before. 

And according to a new paper published recently, this may be more than your usual night aurora. It came from a feature on Earth we don't know very much about, but it may give us a new chance to study it.

What is this aurora, and what kind of breakthrough might it make? Well, won won't tell you here, as you'll have to watch the video for that. We'll only tell you're in for one wild scientific ride.

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