Here Is How to Build Your Own DIY Mini Arduino 3D Printer

Fancy a challenge? How about building your own 3D printer?
Christopher McFadden

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Are you looking for a new project? How about building your very own Arduino-powered 3D printer? 

Sounds like a good challenge, so let's get stuck in.  

Like most projects of this nature, you'll need a few basic tools (listed below) and some other bits and bobs to get the job done. 

arduino 3d printer complete
Source: Interesting Engineering

We have included links to some of the products in case you need to buy them: 

Main components:

Gear needed:

With all these bits and pieces in hand, it is time to get on with the build.

arduino 3d printer bed
Source: Interesting Engineering

First off, take the wooden blocks and cut to size, as described in the video. Drill and screw together as instructed.

The dimensions for the pieces needed are as follows:

3d printer wooden block dimensions
Wooden component dimensions, Source: Interesting Engineering

Dimensions will likely vary depending on the size of the DVD writer parts you were able to get your hands on. 

These parts will form the main 3D printer bed and print head assemblies. 

arduino 3d printer dvd drive
One of the most important components is an old DVD writer, Source: Interesting Engineering

Now take the old DVD writer assembly. This will be used to form the "business end" of the 3D printer.

Affix to the wooden parts already assembled. 

Wire up the DVD components as required and as instructed in the video. 

Now take the end-stop component and attach it to the main 3D printer assembly as instructed in the video. Positioning will likely vary depending on the make and model of the DVD writer.

arduino 3d printer endstop

Affix the end-stop to the DVD writer, Source: Interesting Engineering

One half of the DVD writer will be used to move the printing bed, and the other will be used to move the 3D printer head.

With that in place, add some extra wooden block feet to the base of the DVD writer. Place onto the wooden frames previously constructed, as shown in the video.

arduino 3d printer feet
Source: Interesting Engineering

Fix into place using suitably sized nuts and bolts.

Now it is time to assemble the print head. Take the parts required and assemble as shown in the video.

arduino 3d printer dvd bed
The completed wooden frame with DVD components in place. The base will form the printer bed and the top will hold the print head assembly, Source: Interesting Engineering

The parts used, and dimensions of the print head a frame will vary depending on the DVD writer you managed to salvage. 

Once assembled, affix to the main 3D printer assembly as shown in the instruction video.

arduino printer print head
The main print head assembly, Source: Interesting Engineering

Take the extruder motor and attach it to the main 3D printer assembly as instructed. This will feed the plastic filament to the print head once the printer is complete.

arduino 3d printer with print head
Build with print head assembly and extruder in place, Source: Interesting Engineering

Fashion a bracket for the 3D printer hot end, and attach it to the main assembly as shown in the video. Like other hand made components already mentioned, this will likely take some trial and error to perfect.

arduino printer holder
Source: Interesting Engineering

Now take the hot end assembly and attached to the main build as instructed.

arduino printer hotend in place
Printer with hot-end in place, SourceInteresting Engineering

With the main mechanical and structural parts sorted, the next stage is to build the electronic components. 

arduino printer circuit diagram
Circuitry diagram, SourceInteresting Engineering

Take the Arduino board, A4988 drivers, and RAMPS 1.4 Sheild. Assemble as shown in the video.

3d printer circuit board
Assemble circuit board, SourceInteresting Engineering

Attach the completed electronic components to the main 3D printer assembly as instructed. 

arduino printer circuits
Affix the circuitry to the rear of the print head assembly and wire up, SourceInteresting Engineering

Connect up the motors, cabling for the hot end, temperature sensor, extruder fan, and end stops to the completed circuit boards as shown. Next wire up the extruder motor too.

arduino 3d printer connect bits
Connect up the motor, hot-end, extruder, and temp sensors to the main circuits, SourceInteresting Engineering

Now take the spiral cable and tidy up the wiring to the 3D printer bed. 

arduino printer spiral cable
Tidy up the cables using the spiral cable, SourceInteresting Engineering

Next, build the actual 3D printer bed using materials and dimensions as instructed. 

arduino printer print bed
Assemble the print bed, SourceInteresting Engineering

Now grab the power supply and wire up the main electronic components and feed the filament into the machine. Connect up the Arduino board, load the code, and 3D model, and you are good to go.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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