Here Is How to Build Your Own Outdoor Sink Unit

Work your plumbing, bricklaying and metalwork skills and build your own outdoor sink unit.
Christopher McFadden

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Do you need purpose built outdoor sink unit for your garden? Then follow this handy guide to build your own from scratch. 

diy sink complete
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Before we begin, this guide assumes plumbing and drainage systems are already in place at the desired location. 

Like any build of this nature, you will need a few tools and materials. 

The first step is to mix up your cement mix according to its instructions. Keep mixing cement and water until you desired consistency is achieved.

diy sink concrete
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Trowel out the cement around the area in which you wish to build your outdoor sink. The amount needed will depend entirely on your design. 

diy sink trowel base
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Level off, as needed. Start to lay your chosen building bricks or blocks into the cement, and level them by lightly tapping them into the foundation cement. 

diy sink bricks
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Ensure the bricks or blocks are level and lined up straight. You can use a mixture of a rubber mallet and spirit levels to help you here.

diy sink brick laying
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Continuing adding layers of cement and blocks until the desired height of your outdoor sink unit has been reached. This design has a backboard of brick and a lower platform level to accommodate the sink unit. 

Ensure you clean off any excess cement in the joints between blocks using a wet cloth or sponge. You can run your finger between them if you want a nice, clean, slightly recessed mortar joint. 

outdoor diy sink mortar joints
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

When laying blocks, try to offset each layer in a stretcher bond for added strength and aesthetics. 

diy sink stretcher bond
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Take your time and clean up as you go. Bricklaying is a skill in and of itself. Do the best you can and make sure each layer is straight and level as much as you can. 

With the final height reached, and shape, the next step is to cut out some recessed in the back brickwork to accommodate pipe runs for the sink faucet (if needed). Use a circular saw, hammer, and chisel to help you here. 

diy sink recessed bricks
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

These recessed should line up with a hollowed brick you will install next.

With the topmost brick course completed, hollow out one of the bricks prior to laying. This brick will house the sink faucet. Lay the brick and drill a hole in the front for the faucet to be installed later. 

diy sink faucet
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Run up the pipes through the recesses and into the hollowed brick. Seal with expanding foam. if needed. 

Now, add a stretch of wood to the front of the sink basin platform, and cement into place, as shown in the video. 

diy sink sink platform
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Lay another layer of bricks on top of the wooden support. This is to provide a space under the sink for connecting the sink and later maintenance and cleaning. 

outdoor sink unit
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Add more cement to the top of the backboard, and lay a capping stone or plinth, if desired. Also install your sink unit, as shown in the video. Also, if required, add a baseboard to the base of the sink unit, as shown in the video.

Enclose the exposed pipework behind the pipe in more cement, continue until level with your plinth.

outdoor sink plinth
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Now, attach and plumb your desired faucet to the sink unit and drainage pipework to the sink unit. 

diy sink faucet
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

With that, your sink unit is basically finished. Now apply a layer of water-repellent sealant to all exposed brickwork and the sink unit. 

diy sink sealant
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Now, build a steel frame for the exposed opening underneath the sink. Clamp the frame and weld as shown in the video.

Add hinges, and other features needed. Polish and paint, if required. 

diy sink door
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

Once ready, drill attachment holes into the brickwork and secure them into place. 

You can skip this step if you don't want to fully enclose the base of the sink. 

diy sink door
Source: Interesting Engineering/YouTube

If required, add a water hose reel attachment to the rear of the sink unit too. Watch the video for more details.

With that your DIY outdoor sink is complete!

Well done you. 


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