Here Is How to Build Your Working Little Inline-four Engine

This tiny Inline-four engine model makes for a fun build that actually works.

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If you are something of a petrol head, then there might not be a more perfect model for you than this working mini-Inline-four engine. Using an off-the-shelf kit, you can build this fascinating piece in no time. 

Follow this guide to find out how. 

v4 engine complete
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

But first, you will need some things before you get started. 

Tools and equipment needed

With all these bits and pieces in hand, it is time to get on with the build.

Step 1: Unbox and begin the assembly

The first step, obviously, is to unbox the model. The kit should come with comprehensive instructions, so be sure to refer to them throughout the build. 

model v4 engine unbox
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

The kit should come with all the parts you need, so you'll only really need some tools to assemble them. Each part is also clearly labeled and identified, so assembly should be as easy as pie. 


A word of advice, keep the parts in their packaging until you actually need them. There is nothing worse than removing all the parts only to misplace some parts later down the line. 

Bearing that in mind, take out the parts needed to make the main pistons. Then begin to assemble the parts as needed. 

v4 engine model pistons
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Add washers to bolts, and then assemble the parts as needed. The kit should also come with a small pot of lubricant, so apply this to shafts and other moving parts as you go along

Use pliers and tweezers to manipulate and tighten fiddly parts where needed. 

Rinse and repeat for all four of the pistons. 

With that complete, take the crankshaft piece and engine block part. Lubricate the parts of the pistons that will connect to the crankshaft, and then attach the pistons as needed. 

v4 model engine crankshaft
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, apply more lubricant to the piston receptacles in the engine block. Once done, maneuver the crankshaft and pistons into place on top of the engine block. 

v4 engine assembly piston engine block
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Once in place, test the action of the crankshaft and pistons. As you turn the crankshaft, the pistons should freely move up and down into the engine block. 

Once happy, secure the crankshaft into place to the engine block using its matching brackets. 

v4 engine model mount shaft
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Step 2: Continue assembling the engine

With that complete, next grab the camshaft part and its matching bolts, springs, etc. Assemble the parts as instructed in the user manual.  

v4 engine assembly cover piece
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, grab the twin camshafts, lubricate them, and mount them to the camshaft assembly as instructed. 

v4 engine assembly camshaft
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Mount the shafts into place using its matching brackets. 

v4 engine mount camshafts
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Next, take the camshaft sprockets, and mount them as needed to the ends of the camshafts. Each sprocket should be labeled as left and right so ensure you mount them correctly. 

v4 engine model camshaft sprockets
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Step 3: Build the intake and oil pan

Take the parts needed to make the engine's fuel intake and manifold. Construct the pipes as needed, and insert them into their matching rails (in this kit they should be a red-brown colored set of rings). 

v4 engine assembly manifold
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With one side completed, mount it to the camshaft assembly as instructed. 

v4 engine manifold camshaft
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, take the engine oil pan part. Attach the supporting feet to the bottom of the pan, and then attach the engine block to the pan. Mount the two parts together using their matching bolts. 

v4 engine model oil pan
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Once complete, test the action of the crankshaft once again. It should rotate freely and the pistons should also reciprocate nicely. 

With that complete, take the front bracket and mount it in place to one end of the engine block. 


Once done, take the camshaft assembly, and place it on top of the engine block. Mount the two pieces together as needed. 

v4 engine camshaft to engine block
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, take the main flywheel and mount it to the camshaft as required. For this kit, it should be a large blue-toothed wheel.

v4 engine model flywheel
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Step 4: Add the electrical motors

With that complete, we can now move on to make the motor move this model Inline-four engine. Take the parts needed, and assemble them as instructed. 

With that complete add the drive sprocket for the motor and the blue end plate for the motor sprocket. 

v4 engine drive motor
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

Mount all the pieces together as needed. Once done, mount the entire assembly to the side of the engine block and ensure the drive sprocket is fully engaged with the main flywheel of the engine. 

v4 engine add drive motor
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, take the parts to build the motorized timing belt assembly. Assemble it as needed, and then mount the piece to the engine block. 

v4 engine timing bolt
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, build the larger passive part of the timing belt assembly. Once built, mount it also to the engine block as needed.

v4 engine timing belt 2
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, construct the third wheel assembly for the timing belt and also mount that to the engine block. Next, add the drive chain guide rail, and the smaller crankshaft sprocket. 

v4 engine crankshaft sprocket
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, add the main drive chain between the smaller crankshaft sprocket and the sprockets of the camshafts. 

v4 engine drive chain
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that in place, add the second guide rail, and add the final timing belt pulley to the end of the crankshaft. 

Then grab the main timing belt piece. Stretch this around all the blue timing belt pulleys that should now be in place on the model. 

v4 engine timing belt in place
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, add the other ancillary pieces as shown in the video and instructions. 

Step 5: Add the battery

Now take the parts used to conceal the battery pack and construct the housing around the battery. Secure the housing as needed and then mount it, where required to the main engine block.

v4 engine battery pack
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that complete, build the main on-off switch housing for the model. Once done, take the main control board and attach all the electrical connectors from the switch, etc, as instructed.

With that complete, insert the board into its housing and close it up as needed. 

v4 engine control board
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that done, mount the control board housing to the main engine block as required. 

v4 engine control board ot engine
Source: CraftStation/YouTube

With that done, connect up all the wiring for the battery pack and electrical motors.

And, voila! Your inline-four model engine is finally completed. Now all you need to do is flick the switch and watch the engine move before your very eyes!

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