Here Is the Story of the Atom That Can Predict the Future

One atom is responsible for predicting when it will rain in India from Russia and Australia.

Can an atom really predict the future? Well, the story is a little more complicated than that.

See, there is an atom called Beryllium 7, and something pretty funny and cool happens with it. When a certain concentration of it occurs in Russia and Australia, scientists know that it will then start to rain in a spot in India exactly 52 days later.

Is this magic or science? Of course, if engineering has taught us anything is that it is always science. What ties together these two seemingly different elements is a mechanism called Hadley Cell.

"Hadley cells are giant cyclical air patterns that form as hot air rises from the equator 15 kilometers straight up and then splits and flows North and South towards the poles before cooling, colliding with air coming the other way, falling back down to Earth and heading back toward the equator," explains the video's narrator.

So how does this motion make it rain in India? After all, it is a very long distance from Australia and Russia. We won't give you the details on that. You'll have to watch the video to find out. We will only tell you it is pretty interesting and well worth your time.

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