Here's a New Drone to Help You in Any Part of Your Life

This drone is going to be effective in many fields from agriculture to logistics.

Volocopter is one of the pioneer companies in the "drone taxi" sector for urban mobility. Now, inspired by the Volocopter, they presented their new product, VoloDrone.

VoloDrone looks similar to Volocopter but it has no space for a pilot or passengers.

It can be used to carry heavy loads (up to 440 pounds) across long distances (up to 25 miles). And it can be used in the transportation of boxes, liquids, equipment, and other things. 

The service fields of VoloDrone can be agriculture, logistics, infrastructure, and public services. Compared to other solutions, it offers more advantages considering time and cost. 

In agriculture, the VoloDrone increases productivity in the areas of plant protection, it can help with sowing seeds, frost control and more. 

When it comes to logistics, from retail to medical, any kind of deliveries will be delivered to the destination safely, securely and on-time by VoloDrone.

In the infrastructure field, VoloDrone can help with construction, maintenance, and site planning.

As it can be seen, VoloDrone can help a lot in many different areas of our daily lives. It looks like it'll be pretty useful!

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