Here's How Concentrated Solar Power Could Solve Our Energy Problems

Are giant fields of solar mirrors what we need for a greener future?
Christopher McFadden

Concentrated Solar Power plants are one of the most ingenious and interesting ways to generate electricity from the power of the Sun. The principle behind how they work is relatively simple, but, as it turns out the engineering to achieve it couldn't be anything but simple.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP for short) power plants work by focusing solar radiation from a large array of lenses or mirrors to a central receiver. This massive focusing of solar radiation into one spot is used to heat up water to drive a heat engine, like a steam engine. 

From there, electricity is generated much like other conventional power plants as the steam engine then generates electricity by turning a series of dynamos. 

According to some of the most recent data, the largest CSP installations can be found in Spain, with the United States, North African nations, the Middle East, India, and China having the next largest concentration of such plants. 

If you've never seen one in action, or want to know more about these amazing power plants, then check out the video above. Prepare to be truly amazed. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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