Here’s How New York’s Airports Are Evolving to Handle Over 3,000 Flights per Day

They are one of the world's most complicated airspaces.
Derya Ozdemir

Airports are extremely complex places that can be both a cause of stress and a source of joy for millions of people. They are exceedingly difficult to operate because they are essentially a network of sophisticated systems of aircraft support services, passenger services, and aircraft control services. They may be big employers as well as vital tourism and transportation centers. And organizing this massive flow of people, aircraft, and services demands 24-hour attention.

Take New York and its airports, for example. Its three nearest airports handle 140 million passengers in and out of the country's most visited city. These three transport hubs, however, were not intended to accommodate this many tourists. If you want to discover how New York's airports are adapting to manage one of the world's most complicated airspaces, watch the Cheddar video attached above, and as usual, enjoy.

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