Here's How to Turn a Scrap Scooter into a New Minibike

Watch this old scooter get a new lease of life as a minibike.
Christopher McFadden

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If you enjoy turning old scrap into new and functional things, then we are confident you'll enjoy this little DIY project. By taking an old, forgotten, and generally neglected scooter, this chap managed to create a brand new minibike.

Follow this simple guide to find out how you too can do the same. 

diy scooter complete
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Like any project of this nature, you are going to need some stuff first.

Tools and equipment needed

With all your tools and materials in hand, it is time to get on with this amazing build. 

Step 1: Dismantle the old scooter

The first step is to take your old scrap scooter and dismantle it. Depending on its condition, you may need some lubricant, WD40, and other tools to do this. 

With the scooter broken down into its constituent main parts, you can start adding in replacement parts like suspension springs, etc, as needed. This will depend entirely on your scooter, however. 

diy mini bike dismantle
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

With that done, take measurements of the scooter bits to guide the design you may have in mind for your DIY mini bike. 

Step 2: Build the custom chassis for your mini bike

Using pieces of scrap metal, and your welding gear, cut to size and weld together your new frame for your minibike. How you do this will depend entirely on the design of the original scooter and your vision of the finished piece. 

diy mini bike new frame
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

You'll want to build the frame so that it can connect the main rear drive wheel and front steering column. You will obviously also need part of the frame to accommodate a seat/saddle. 

Once you are happy, you can then use your scrap wood and foam to make a new seat/saddle for the bike. Attach to the frame, as needed. 

With that done, you can either salvage or build some new handlebars for the minibike. Modify them to fit the design of the bike and position/height of the saddle, obviously. 

diy minibike new seat and handlebars
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

With that done, add grips to the handlebars and connect up to any pneumatic or cable brake cables, throttle, etc. 

Step 3: Add in bodywork

With the basic frame, seat, and other main components of the minibike complete, you can now move on to making the bike look awesome. Either recycle parts from other bikes or build your own using a sheet of metal. 

Once done, mount the bodywork to the frame of the minibike as needed. 

diy minibike bodywork
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

Add in some other features like footrests, kickstands, etc, as needed too. Once you are happy with the look of the minibike, you can then partially dismantle it and paint the various parts of the bike to your liking. 

You can do this by hand or by using spray paints. Whichever you find easier. 

diy minibike paint
Source: Sek Austria/YouTube

With that done, your minibike is now ready to take for a spin. 

Fire her up, and show off your hard work to your friend and family. Who knows, they may ask you to make them one too? 

If you enjoyed this little project, you may enjoy making another motorbike-related build? How about, for example, making your own futuristic scooter?

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