Here's the fascinating biology of the carnivore Venus flytrap

It has a taste for insect blood.
Derya Ozdemir

From science fiction to popular culture, the Venus flytrap is one of the most well-known carnivorous plants out there, having fascinated scientists and plant enthusiasts since its discovery. It's impossible not to be taken aback by the sheer wonder of this plant as you watch its jaw snap around an insect and capture it for a meal. In fact, Charles Darwin, the English naturalist who established modern evolutionary studies with his scientific theory of evolution by natural selection, even called it "one of the most wonderful [plants] in the world".

The Venus flytrap is more like a live death trap for the insects around it, and it can grow naturally only in North and South Carolina. They thrive in bog-like and wet coastal areas and require poor, low-quality soil to grow properly. This is why they are a carnivorous species: they rely on insects for nutrition. If you want to learn more about this interesting species, make sure you watch the video embedded above, and as always, enjoy!

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