Here's the Recipe for Turning Lead into 'Gold'

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood alchemist!

Gold is a valuable metal and is high in demand. But what if we told you you could turn old boring lead into small particles of gold.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? This video shows you how to do just that.

YouTuber NileRed Shorts starts with getting a few pieces of lead and adding some dilute nitric acid. The acid dissolves the lead leaving behind only liquid lead nitrate that quickly disappears.

The YouTuber has to repeat this process a few more times for all the lead to melt. He then gets a beaker and adds some boiling water and potassium iodide.

To this beaker, the YouTuber adds a bit of vinegar and the lead solution that has been melted by the nitric acid. All the YouTuber has to do now is wait for the boiling water to cool down.

As it does so, small specks of gold start to appear. Slowly, the flakes get bigger and bigger and it looks as though it's raining gold. Once this process is finished the YouTuber is left with many flakes of gold. There is one trick though.

The flakes aren't actually real gold. They are lead iodide that looks just like gold! 

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