Engineer Builds High-Power Wooden Rocket in Just 5 Days

This video is a gold mine for those interested in amateur rocketry.
Derya Ozdemir

From building rockets for the purpose of human exploration of deep space to building baby rockets as a hobby to join an amateur rocket club in your area, rocketology offers immense engineering questions that require some very smart answers. As you would expect, since it's rocket science after all, it is a time-consuming process that has its many challenges, so building one in just five days can be considered a hefty feat.

YouTuber Xyla Foxlin, who is an engineer with a passion for the arts and working with her hands, explains how she built a rocket with only five days remaining to launch data in this educational yet entertaining video. She wanted to have Level 2 certification, which requires a successful test flight with a level 2-sized motor. She was able to complete the rocket on schedule because she had already designed it and ordered the main components.

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If you're curious to see the wooden rocket in action and want to learn how she was able to pull all this off in five days, make sure you watch the video embedded above. 

H/T Hackaday
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