This High-Speed Train Is So Fast It Can Even Keep Up With A Fighter Jet

Jessica Miley

Just how fast is a high-speed train? Well, this one is as fast as a fighter jet. Watch this video from the perspective of a train passenger as a fighter jet flies above. The TGV, or Train à Grande Vitesse, "high-speed train" was out as part of the inauguration celebrations for the launch of the LGV  Brittany - Pays de la Loire. The train is cruising at a 320 km/h while the Dassault Rafale fighter jet watches from above. While the pilot could have put their foot down it is fun to see the two pieces of machinery speed along in sync.

TGV can comfortably reach these speeds taking passengers over 10 million passengers a year all over France. The Brittany - Pays de la Loire route marks the latest expansion of the system that connects all corners of France with Paris.  

High-speed trains now found all over the world after the system was designed in Japan in the mid-1960’s. France is stepping up the high-speed train game. The French government-owned railway, SNCF, recently announced that they have a project underway to develop high-speed driverless trains. The first prototype of driverless trains is set to be on the tracks by 2019. The autonomous trains are pitched to make the system more efficient. The exact speeds of the new train aren't determined yet. The service will be trialed with freight before taking on passengers on selected routes.