This Hilarious Parody of Viral 'BBC Dad' Interview Features Darth Vader

Ayçesu Duran

Last week, the video of the political science professor Robert Kelly's (now known as the 'BBC Dad') live BBC interview getting interrupted by his two kids went viral.

If you just couldn't get enough of it or, miraculously, if you haven't seen it yet, you can watch Kelly's very serious BBC interview getting gatecrashed here.

Following the terribly cute and hilarious incident, 'BBC Dad' parodies started to surface. The most famous spoof of the interview was the one replacing the 'BBC Dad' with a woman and imagining how a mother would react in a situation like that.

However, it didn't stop there. The internet didn't disappoint and the YouTube channel Jack of All Genius provided us with a Darth Vader version.

The Star Wars parody of the now infamous BBC interview shows what would have happened if Darth Vader had been gatecrashed by R2-D2 and BB-8 on live TV. The best part of the Star Wars version is when Princess Leia rushes into the room to try and get the naughty droids out, just like Kelly’s wife.

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