Hobbyist Machines Apple Mac Pro Cheese Grater to See If It Actually Works

A YouTube Hobbyist noticed the familiar design of the new Apple Mac Pro's lattice air vent and decided to see if it lived up to expectations.
John Loeffler

By now, many of us have seen the new Apple Mac Pro workstation set to be released later this year, and nearly just as many had the same idea when looking at the lattice design on the back of the computer's tower casing and high-end retina display.

'I wonder if that will actually cut cheese?'

One person who wasn't content to just ask a question and leave it at that is YouTube Hobbyist Winston Hoy, who saw the coverage of Apple's Mac Pro and had the idea of taking his machining tools and see for himself just how good Apple's design team really were at making a cheese grater.

In this video posted to Hoy's YouTube channel, he demonstrates the process of designing his Apple Mac Pro-inspired in Autodesk Fusion 360 before turning his Shapoko loose on a couple of sheets of aluminum.

After some hiccups and a reset, Hoy then uses an abrasive blaster to achieve the proper finish of an Apple product before anodizing the finished product to protect it from scratches (and not incidentally, making it food-safe as well).

How did Hoy's Apple Mac Pro Cheese Grater turn out? Let's just say that all things considered, anyone who knows their way around tools knows that you should always use the right tool for the job.