Hobbyist Tries Out 13-Car Train on Mini Roller Coaster

It makes you wonder how a 30-car train would look like.
Derya Ozdemir

This video will take you back to the old days of YouTube, but not because it is old. YouTube channel 3d Coaster brings a video where he tries a 1-car and a 13-car train setup on a roller coaster and tries to find out if both setups will work or not, and his enthusiasm is what makes this video all the more enjoyable.

Watching people who have a pure passion for what they do is always a pleasure, and this video certainly delivers its premise all the while looking like it was recorded 20 years ago for some reason. 

The video is extremely satisfying in the sense that the whole thing runs smoothly, and the course doesn't move much structurally, despite having a lot of weight on it, which is an incredible feat and shows the smart engineering behind it. The roller coaster looks so similar to those present in theme parks, so the closeups are bound to confuse you about the actual size of the things.

He definitely needs to strap a GoPro to one of the cars to capture the experience perfectly, but don't worry, it still makes for a good watch!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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