Holoride VR: The Future of In-Car Entertainment

This is New Virtual Reality Experience in conjunction with an autonomous car of Audı: Holoride.
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Car rides are fun, especially when you are with your friends and family. You get to bond, have a conversation, or maybe sing along to your jam. This is the expected scenario for every ride but in reality, this is not always what happens.

There are times that as passengers, we just sit back and wait until we reach our destination. Sometimes we sleep, watch stuff on our phones, or just plainly stare into the window and wait.

As we all know, Virtual Reality (VR) is taking things up a notch in technology. From game consoles to other gadgets and stuff, VR technology aims to bring a whole new experience to people. Now, the VR field range expands and touches the passenger experience, aiming to innovate it and make it a whole lot more interesting than usual.

So, buckle up passengers, we are in for a whole new kind of ride!

The Consumer Electronics Show 2023 just happens to feature a new Virtual Reality experience, targeted toward car passengers. What we have here is the Holoride, in conjunction with an Audi vehicle. This new VR experience aims to elevate the passenger experience and make it more entertaining.

The concept behind Holoride is that it provides a different feel for passengers using VR. Passengers get to wear VR headset and they will be able to see a different scenario from reality. The fun part here is that the Holoride is connected to the car itself and its motion, synching the movements to what the passenger can see on the VR.

Passengers inside the car will feel that they are in a new location when using the device. They are still inside the vehicle and can feel its movements but what they can see is a different environment - like being in space or something. The car’s sensor data and map data become integrated into the VR so that the car itself acts like a joystick in a game.

Think of it as having those 4D or 5D rides that you can see in theme parks. This will definitely make the passenger experience unique.

Instead of just waiting until you arrive at the destination, Holoride provides an interactive mode of entertainment for passengers. So, whenever the conversion dries up or you are the only passenger in the car, you can now use Holoride and immerse yourself into a new reality far from boredom.

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