This Homemade Laser Gun Can Even Pierce a Hole Through Raw Pork Steak

Jessica Miley

Combining lasers with guns always has cool results from their humble roots in 1950’s sci-fi to radical weaponry designed to shoot down drones.

German weaponry hobbyist and all round crazy scientist, Patrick Priebe, recently built this unreal laser gun that can pierce a hole through a pork steak. It took Priebe 250 hours to make the weapon that looks like a prop from Halo (if they ever made it into a film).

While Priebe's weapon isn’t going to start shooting drones out of the sky anytime soon, it still packs some serious punch. The aluminum-bodied, 5.4kg rifle has a 7-watt infrared burning laser, along with a 2-milliwatt red aiming laser.

It's powered by an 18-volt rechargeable battery pack converted to run at 12,000 volts. Another 12-volt pump circulates distilled water through the weapon to keep the whole thing cool. You can monitor the temperature of the weapon via an LCD screen. If the Celsius gets above 28 degrees the screen will tell you it’s time for a break.

Priebe demonstrates the power of the laser gun in his video by burning holes in all sorts of things he had lying around, from plastic boxes to a raw pork steak. Priebe is no stranger to internet fame. In the past, he has created a bunch of incredibly detailed weapons. Our favorite is his Iron man gauntlet.