Homemade Nerf Gun Gets Starring Role in Its Own Action Movie

YouTube creator Giaco Whatever is no stranger to epic videos, but this one might be his best yet. He rigs several Nerf pieces into a giant Nerf grenade. The result is worthy of being its own summer blockbuster.
Jessica Miley

We all love a good ‘how-to’ video, but this one comes with a bonus action film. Unreal.  Giaco Whatever has done it again, creating an absolute satisfying build video, that he then tops off by making a really funny (and tense!) action film where the star of the show is a 10-bullet, remote controlled nerf grenade!

Giaco Whatever has the brilliant idea of creating a nerf grenade that will simultaneously fire off a bunch of the foam bullets at once.  In typical Giaco style, this is way more sophisticated than most DIY engineers would come up with. The build video is also very satisfying.  Somehow just his very neat workshop and precise movements are enjoyable, let alone the unbelievably cool finished product.

Frequent viewers to Giaco's channel know that his videos are rich pieces of short cinema in themselves. They always feature dramatic lighting and a dramatic soundtrack. However, in this video, he goes one step further and creates a little action film at the end.  Without giving it away, think nerf gun warfare in an underground carpark and a dramatic ending featuring recently built grenade.  

But let's be honest, even though the nerf grenade is insanely cool, and a very clever little piece of engineering, it doesn't look that deadly.  So if you have a more of a bloodthirsty disposition, you need to head over to the Peter Sripol channel and learn how to make a nerf gun that can fire stuff at 150 Psi.