How Costa Rica Is Leading the Clean Energy Revolution

More than 99% of Costa Rica’s electricity came from renewables in 2020.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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You might have heard it said before. Costa Rica is leading the clean energy revolution. This is because more than 99% of Costa Rica’s electricity came from renewables in 2020 and the country currently operates off renewable sources for an average of about 300 days per year. 

Why is Costa Rica so successful at implementing clean energy policies and projects? Well for starters it's very lucky. 

Costa Rica gets a lot of rain that fuels its hydroelectric plants. The country opened a 305.5 MW hydroelectric plant in 2016 that powers half a million homes. Costa Rica is also covered in volcanoes that can be tapped for their geothermal energy. 

Still, not all is well and green. The country still relies on fossil fuels to some extent to power its many cars. 

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However, the nation has ambitious goals to fix this. Costa Rica has plans to promote a modern transportation system that will promote walking, biking, and the use of electric trains over the next 30 years. In fact, the national government has set a goal of 37,000 EVs on the road by 2022. 

Want to learn more about how this small but mighty nation is leading sustainable energy efforts? Then watch our video.

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