How Dangerous Snake Bites Can Really Be

There are two main types of snake venoms, and they're both deadly.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Snakes! The mere sight of them can send shivers down your spine and with good reason. Their venom can be quite damaging if not deadly!

There are two main types of snake venoms: haemotoxic venom and neurotoxic venom.

The first type attacks the bloodstream, triggering lots of tiny blood clots and punching holes in the blood vessels, leading the person to bleed to death.

The second type attacks the nervous system and stops nerve signals from getting through to the muscles. This can lead to full-body paralysis that ends up making the person unable to breathe. He then dies of asphyxation. 

There is a way to treat snake venom and that is antivenoms. Sadly, though these are produced in very small quantities and are super expensive which means most people don't have access to them.

In addition, snake venom has diversified over the years making it very hard to produce just one antivenom to target all kinds of snakes. Production of an excellent venom that protected against the bite of 10 different snakes stopped in 2014.

It simply wasn't profitable enough to continue development. This leaves us severely unprotected against snake bites and it can not come at a worst time. Will we be able to produce a new effective antivenom in time?

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